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Abbie Neale

Writer  Actor  Artist  Poet

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Hey there! I'm Abbie. For my BA, I studied English Literature & Creative Writing at Warwick University and Acting & Scriptwriting at Monash in Australia. After graduating in 2018, I moved to the Netherlands and fell in love with landscape painting. In 2019, I was a lucky winner of the New Poets Prize run by The Poetry Business and my book Threadbare hit the shelves in 2020 - a dream come true! Since then, I've been developing as an actor, writer and artist with the National Youth TheatreYoung Norfolk Arts, Norwich Fringe and BBC Radio.

Abbie Neale Painting

Writing & Performance

As an actor I'm represented on Spotlight by 360 Arts Management; below you can find links to recent projects I've been involved with. I regularly perform my own writing at festivals and literary events, on podcasts and radio. As a poet with a passion for music, I'm also on Soundcloud where I dabble in songwriting and play the guitar.

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Click here to read some of my published work

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